How can exercise help me during pregnancy

Jan 2, 2014

How can exercise help me during pregnancy

Regular exercise is a way of life which always ensures healthy and happy days. Pregnancy is a very important phase of a woman’s life- both physically as well as mentally. A healthy body also ensures a happy mind, something which is very essential for a pregnant woman. Pregnancy brings about various changes in a woman’s body, primarily changes which are controlled by the hormones. Being in the habit of exercising regularly can prove to be a real plus point when one becomes pregnant, however even if one is not, then exercising during pregnancy can also prove to be highly beneficial for the expecting mother. Generally one can easily continue with their regular exercise pattern with a few minor changes but there are special pregnancy related fitness courses for which one can enrol themselves, like pilates and yoga.

Many might wonder as to how can exercise help in times of pregnancy, especially since women are advised to take maximum rest during the first and the last trimesters of the pregnancy. Below are a few reasons which show the positive effects that regular exercise during pregnancy has on the expecting mother-

  1. Avoid or reduce complications- with every pregnancy, especially the first one, comes a risk and a fear of complications. Some complications are unavoidable but exercising regularly can help in reducing a few minor complications that may arise during pregnancy. Women Health studies show that a lot of women are prone to developing a diabetic condition during their pregnancy. Maintaining a fitness regime will help one to keep the sugar level in the blood in check and thus avoiding further complications which may arise due to diabetes. Another condition called pre-eclampsia may also arise when the placenta connecting the mother and the baby is not working properly. Chances of developing pre-eclampsia might be reduced to a great extent if the mother works out regularly.
  2. Helping you get ready- the d-day for any pregnancy is the day of delivering the baby. The healthiest way, both for the mother and the baby is for the baby to be delivered normally, without any surgical procedure. No labour procedure comes without the pain, but it becomes easier for the mother to cope up with the strain of the birth pangs if she is in the habit of regular exercise. Labour pains and then the process of delivering the baby may go on for quite a lengthy period of time. This is a time when the mother has to continuously exert tremendous pressure and thus she might get easily drained. Regular exercise will help her to prepare for this strenuous day.
  3. Keep up your spirits- morning sickness coupled with the worries of pregnancy are enough to bog the mother down and it sometimes leads to depression. The key to a healthy mind is a healthy body. All most every Women Health specialist unanimously agrees that a woman should keep her spirits high during her pregnancy period. Exercising on a regular basis, keeps the mother engaged and occupied. It also relaxes her muscles thus reducing stress and tension.

Exercise helps the expecting mother to cope with the various stages of her pregnancy. It not only reduces risk of various complications, but also helps her to get back to shape quite easily right after pregnancy. Thus, the benefits of exercising during pregnancy are manifold.

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