The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to the Gym

Nov 5, 2013

The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to the Gym

It has been pointed out by many Women Health specialists that exercise during pregnancy is very essential for keeping an expecting mother fit. Exercise helps the mother to stay in shape post her pregnancy. Fitness is one of the key concerns for a pregnant woman. Regular exercise and a proper fitness routine will help her to tackle the labour pain and the birth pangs during the last stages of her pregnancy. Also it has been proved in various Women Health studies that daily exercise also keeps the pregnant woman’s mood light and happy. All in all exercise and a proper fitness routine is highly beneficial during a pregnancy. Now the vital question which needs to be dealt with when it comes to a fitness regime related to pregnancy is that – what is the right kind of exercise routine which needs to be ideally followed for a pregnant woman! Definitely it is not advisable for a pregnant woman to indulge in a fitness routine which includes heavy exercise, which might in turn cause harm to the baby as well as the pregnant mother due to the strain. Thus not only is it important to know that exercise is very essential during pregnancy but it is also equally important to know what kind of exercise and fitness regime is ideal for a pregnant woman.

How to get the process going?

It is easier for women who have the habit of following a fitness regime to get into the scheme of exercising and following a regular fitness routine during pregnancy. However even if one does not have this habit of exercising the pregnant mother should push herself to, at least sign up for one prenatal classes at the gym along with other pregnant women. For starters the pregnant mother will feel good when she joins the class because she will get to interact with other pregnant women who will be going through the same stages of pregnancy. Women Health has always been primarily governed by her hormonal changes and thus sharing her worries with someone who is also going through the same changes will help the pregnant mother to tackle her stress and depression which she is bound to experience during her pregnancy. So even if pregnant mother is reluctant to opt for a fitness regime at the gym, it is always advisable to always encourage her to go for the fitness classes.

The various kinds of exercise and fitness routines during pregnancy

There are mainly three kinds of fitness regimes, as pointed out by many Women Health specialists that a pregnant woman can follow during her pregnancy. To start off with one can definitely try out yoga. Yoga- a popular fitness exercise primarily focuses on meditation and aims at relieving stress and strain from the muscles which is turn relaxes the mind and the body- this is exactly the right kind of exercise for a pregnant woman. Women Health is a pressing issue which with yoga exercise can be handled quite effectively. Women Health studies also recommend that it is best to avoid heavy moves from the second trimester of the pregnancy. Apart from yoga, Women Health guides point out that a pregnant woman can also take recourse to an exercise like water aerobics or may be another fitness routine like pilates. Water aerobics as an exercise is very safe for a pregnant woman since the risk of hurting the baby during the pregnancy is much less. Pilates is the ideal fitness regime, as suggested by popular Women Health specialists, for keeping the tummy toned so that it is easier to get back in shape after the pregnancy. So, following a well chalked out fitness exercise regime during pregnancy, as suggested by many Women Health specialists is ideal for a pregnant woman.

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